Our Mission

Why Peerless? Why Now?

Our phones tether us to a world of information and distraction. Looking in, we risk losing ourselves in the sea of voices—real, artificial, and imaginary. Endless possibilities come at us faster than we’ve evolved to handle. We struggle to find the signal in the noise. We peer into our phones because we fear missing out. We feel we must keep up or be left behind. We want to know that others truly see us, hear us, and care about what happens to us.

Social media and app creators have exploited our fear of isolation to capture as much of our attention as possible. They are using the magic of computers to strip us of our most valuable resource—our time—all in service of selling us more products and services.

It’s not all bad. People need some products and services. Technology is leading to amazing breakthroughs. And besides, the genie is not going back in the bottle. We need to learn to live in this information-rich, rapidly changing world, without being robbed of our happiness.

We created Peerless to do two important things:

  1. Get people to spend less time on their devices, overall.

  2. Harness technology to give people a private space for positive reflection.

For people to spend less time scrolling aimlessly on their phones, they need to be inspired to spend their time in more meaningful ways. Many of us feel too tired or too distracted to discover what is most important to us. We each need a private space to reconnect to ourselves and find the energy to make a change.

Peerless is a simple daily routine that helps us build up a fuller picture of who we are and what we want to accomplish. Peerless encourages us to find healthy daily habits, express gratitude, set intentions for our days, hold ourselves accountable, and build upon the good things in our lives.

When we know what we want and we can clearly see our progress, we spend less time worrying about what others are doing or saying. We know that we are driving change, not fearing it. Our phones become tools that help us, not crutches we lean upon.

Peerless has no advertisers. There is no data mining. We’re not profiting from your attention. We hope you’ll use Peerless only a small amount of time each day, and that it will inspire you to spend your time and energy on your family, friends, passions, ventures, and personal growth.

Peerless is a free product and fully supported through our premium members. We hope you’ll try Peerless and if it has a positive effect on your life that you’ll consider becoming a premium member and spread the word.