Commit to Yourself

Peerless is a simple daily practice to center yourself and make sure you're keeping healthy and focused.

It's totally free and private. There is no sign up and no data leaves your device.

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Your time and attention are under attack by social media and advertisers. Reclaim your focus and intention.

It's not rocket science, but it is social science. We're happiest when we're making progress. We feel balance when we express gratitude. We feel good when we stick to our healthiest habits.


In just 5 minutes a day, become more focused and make smarter choices.

Designed and tested to be quick and efficent, this simple daily routinue centers your emotions and allows you to set a powerful intention for the day.

Daily Progress

Become the person you want to be. See and feel your progress, daily.

Peerless combines practices recommended by therapists, productivity experts, and happiness researchers into a simply daily routine.

  • Express Gratitude
  • Combat Negative Self-Talk
  • Track Your Progress

Built by humans for humans, including the privacy we all deserve.

No advertisers. No data mining. No creepy artificial intelligence. Just best in class technology giving you the best experience and protecting your private information.

For Humans by Humans

Claim your attention and focus... before someone else does.

Increase your happiness, focus, and wellbeing through this simple, private daily practice!

It's totally free and private. There is no sign up and no data leaves your device.


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